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We're a friendly bunch. Say 'hello' to the Park Café Crew...

We're a small team, and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.

Here's the team. Do you think their profiles are fact, or fiction?

Say 'G'day' to Darren

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Works at

Darren manages all the Cafés; however, he is mainly based at The Woodpecker Café.

Favourite food

Darren’s favourite foods include seafood (it’s an Aussie thing). Handmade sausages, Asian dumplings, slow and low cooked meats and fresh handmade breads.

Favourite thing about working for Park Cafes

Darren loves to be around food and people. He also loves being part of a dynamic team, where there is always lots going on.

Something Darren would like you to know about him

Darren moved over here all the way from Australia, where he was a professional shark wrestler in North Queensland!

Say 'Hey' to Charlotte

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Works at

Charlotte works at The Woodpecker Café

Favourite food

Charlotte has a real sweet tooth, she loves chocolate! Although usually she will enjoy a healthy tasty salad.

Favourite thing about working for Park Cafés

Charlotte loves to work in a lovely little café with gorgeous surroundings. She also loves the team she works with and being able to enjoy the views.

Something Charlotte would like you to know about her

Charlotte is actually a secret celebrity - find her face on some of our leaflets! Feel free to ask for an autograph! 

Say 'Hi' to Will

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Works at

All sites and events

Favourite food

Will’s favourite food is a steak sandwich, cooked medium rare, always.

Favourite thing about working for Park Cafés

Will loves working in picturesque surroundings. The Woodpecker Café has the view of the 1st fairway of Queen’s Park golf course. Squirrel Café and Mini Golf has the beautiful views of Boscombe Chine Gardens.

Fun fact about Will

In his spare time, will provides training for the London chapter of the UK Guardian angels!

Say 'Hello' Juliette

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Works at

Juliette works at The Woodpecker Café

Favourite food

Juliette’s favourite food is seafood! Juliette also loves anything cheesy and filling! Her favourite meal on our menu is the sausage, onion chutney and melted cheese pannini – Yum!

Favourite thing about working for Park Cafés

Juliette loves being able to watch people play golf. Juliette also absolutely loves making delicious food and impressing customers with her extra efforts!

Fun fact about Juliette

Juliette is actually a golfing champion in her spare time! Ask her for a match…!

Say 'Alo!' to Annie

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Works at

The Hedgehog Café in the Lower Gardens

Favourite food

Annie loves ALL food, particularly chocolate- of course. Her favourite meal would have to be a good old fish and chips!

Favourite thing about working for Park Cafés

Annie loves working in an open space, there’s always lots going, she can be around people and be a part of the events going on in Bournemouth – like the fireworks!

Fun fact

Annie is from Romania. She is also a professional skateboarder- this is useful when it comes to serving/collecting dishes etc..





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